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VIDEO CHANNEL is undoubtedly the strongest Production House in Broadcast Grade Television through out Hong Kong and Asia

Offering state-of-the-art hardware in addition to a dedicated and experienced TV production professionals.

HD Mobile Broadcast, being the 4K/HD team from Video Channel Productions Limited, has always been on the leading edge of the industry; Invested in the first HD broadcast system in Hong Kong serving international clients and TV stations.

Equipment includes a fleet of Sony HDC series 4K cameras fitted with a comprehensive range of

Fujinon/Canon 4K box- type and field lenses, Sony HDCAM and HDCAM SR recorders, Sony XDCAM Recorders, AJA Kipro Ultra 4K, Sony XVS 4K Switcher, Snell Kahuna Switchers, Alchemist PH.C Motion Compensated HD converter, Polecam HD, Link HD wireless camera system, Movcam Stabilization system, 12-meter Jimmy-jib with remote control Dutch Head.


HD Mobile Broadcast provides the most complete and versatile 4K/HD production system in town.


Latest 4K hardware is constantly added. Additions include, Sony XVS 7000 4K Production Switcher, Sony HDC 5500 4K system cameras, Sony HDC 4300 4K system cameras, Sony HDC P50 4K Compact POV 4K camera, PXW FX9 and PXW Z280 4K Camcorders were acquired.


HD Mobile Broadcast/Video Channel also offers Post production and mastering service. Available are non-linear editing suites, 4K HDR Colour Grading, Computer GFX, Central storage, Machine rooms; Capable of outputting and converting all formats broadcast grade videos.


VIDEO CHANNEL is the solution for all your video requirements.

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